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ICENERGY INSTITUTE stands for Indonesia Climate and Energy Institute. ICENERGY Institute is a research organization.

Our team presents a team of experts that combines a solid experience in energy solution services, proven energy and climate research expertise, and extensive stakeholder engagement experience at the national and international levels.



Building energy modelling and simulation

We can model and simulate the energy consumption and production of your buildings, including the residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. You can use this modelling information to optimize your building energy efficiency, which is important to reduce your operational costs.


Renewable energy consulting

We can provide various consultations for you to develop renewable energy project. These consultations include measuring renewable energy potential in your area, designing renewable energy infrastructure for your need, and selecting best fitted renewable energy contractor.


EDGE green building certification

We can conduct a building audit for you to achieve green building certification. Currently, our auditors have been accredited by EDGE.


Proposal development

We can develop proposal to help you in designing any energy and other climate-related project or program.


Policy and market research

We can conduct a policy and/or market research in energy and other climate related topic to support your needs.


Capacity building

We can conduct capacity buildings in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency to improve your individual and organizational capacity.


Project evaluation

We can conduct an independent evaluation for energy and other climate-related projects or programs.



Ilyas Taufiqurrohman

Ilyas Taufiqurrohman

Managing Director & Co-founder

Expertise: Energy modelling and simulation, renewable energy, energy audit, and green building certification
Muhammad Ichsan

Muhammad Ichsan

Research Director & Co-founder

Expertise: Policy research, market research, project development, and project evaluation
Subhan Petrana

Subhan Petrana

Technical Director & Co-founder

Expertise: Electrical engineering, solar PV system, energy research, and project management



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Proceeding paper

“Is cheap fuel policy a (short-term) remedy for costly transportation in rural Indonesia?”
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“More strategies for solar PV acceleration after pandemic”
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Newspaper article

“What COVID-19 teaches us about our biodiesel agenda?”
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Proceeding paper

“The assessment of off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems for rural electrification in Indonesia”,
Taufiqurrohman, I., 2018.
International Conference of Integrated Intellectual Community (ICONIC),

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